Our Story

During the birth of our daughter Maeve in 1997, I suffered an amniotic fluid embolism, a rare, often fatal complication of childbirth. Had I not been sitting in a state-of-the-art obstetric hospital at the time, Maeve and I likely would have died. Instead, we survived the experience in reasonably good shape.

Maeve and me

Maeve and me

How did all those doctors and other staffers, and that array of technology, converge in OR3 in the labor/delivery department of Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago, Ill. — not just in the moment, but historically?  Answering that question has become something of an obsession for me.

I am a prize-winning journalist, a former features reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. Over the past 19 years, I've read dozens of books and hundreds of articles about childbirth, and talked with many doctors and researchers about the latest findings and theories on birth practices in this country.

The result is Birth Story, a journalistic inquiry into difficult birth. Welcome!  Please come in and read what I’ve written — and let me know what you think.