A fish / birth story

It is officially the silly season, the last days of summer, when news traditionally slows down to a trickle and publications fill their pages with stories so fluffy they practically float.



My candidate for this year's silly-season birth story is "Koi-Assisted Birth," a winsome website about a couple, "Jane" and "Shane," who are planning a water birth in the fall. The two have decided to enlist their 15 koi to help them and their midwife usher their new baby into the world.

The website has generated some controversy. My guess is that Jane is pulling our leg.

She says that "koi are excellent birthing partners," their skills honed by giving birth to thousands, or even tens of thousands, of baby fish, with help from koi dads.

"That's exactly the kind of birthing energy I want!" Jane writes.

But Shane will have a net at the ready to catch the baby, just in case.

Image courtesty of Wikimedia Commons

Colbert: Free birth control = havoc

Free birth-control and breast pumps? Government subsidies for domestic-abuse interventions? Some people have no trouble conjuring the moral slide those new policies will precipitate.

Modeled on recommendations by the independent Institute of Medicine and announced by the U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services this week, the new provisions set off a firestorm of protest in some conservative circles, including this diatribe from Stephen Colbert's conservative  character on Comedy Central.

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Women's Health-Nazi Plan
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